Residential Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Residential Customers

Outdoor Lighting for Residential Customers

Transform your outdoor living space with J&C Irrigation custom lighting. The most efficient and cost effective way to illuminate your home is simply LED. From walkways to landscape lighting, strategically placed lights can highlight your home’s architecture and draw attention to your beautiful plants and trees. Add value to your home by enhancing its distinctive features and highlighting the best elements of your landscaping. Increase the safety and security of your home, helping to prevent accidents and deter intruders with illuminated entries, walkways, driveways and dark spots. 

Why Use LED Landscape Lighting? 
Proper lighting of your homestead has a multitude of benefits. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to illuminate their home. Some popular interests for lighting include security lighting, uplighting, silhouetting, shadowing, grazing, walkway,  recreation, sports, and social and event uses. Save money while still maintaining a pleasing lighting scheme with low-voltage lighting options. Low-voltage lights are safer to work with and less costly to install.

Outdoor Lighting Options

Security Lighting
Lights on all walls of the home serves to minimize hiding places for unwelcome visitors

Utilizing up lights in a landscape lighting system design can add a tremendous amount of texture, contrast and interest.


Lighting the wall behind the tree accentuates its interesting shape and branch structure.

Path Lighting

Offers safe illumination for walkways and create ambiance to highlight landscape features along the way. A repeated symmetry of this walkway lighting guides visitors while accenting the line for the path in the design, all with minimum glare.


Can efficiently mimic natural moonlight, creating lighting for tables barbecues and seating areas.


Lighting provides a low profile light source, creating a dramatic effect that brings the outdoor landscape features alive. Designing light that blend into a variety of settings and terrain, there are a large choice of lighting lamps and accessories.

Image of main entry with stairs to luxurious house