Commercial Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems for Commercial Customers

Sprinkler Systems for Commercial Customers

J&C Irrigation designs, installs, and maintains irrigation systems for commercial properties of all sizes. Our custom Commercial Irrigation Systems provide timed and measured hydration to your business property landscape, enhancing the professional appearance and curb appeal.

Convenience:  For commercial land owners and property managers,  a custom-designed lawn sprinkler system guarantees that your landscaping will receive regular and adequate hydration at the optimal time of the day for the best results. Enhance your building’s appearance and leave a lasting first impression.

Conservation:  J&C Irrigation considers conservation and economy in the design and installation of your in-ground irrigation system.  We design with careful attention to eliminating water waste and over-watering. You are assured that your lawn and garden’s watering needs have been efficiently provided for.

Added Value:  An in-ground irrigation system not only offers convenience and beauty, but like any permanent improvement, will add appreciably to the value of your property, while enhancing the beauty of your lawn and garden.

Why Choose J&C Irrigation for your installation?


A tradition of excellence since 1979

Trained Personnel

Our expert installation crew will design a system specifically geared for your property’s watering needs

Adherence to Local Codes

Water connections are made by a licensed plumber and include a code-approved backflow preventer

Name-Brand Components

Only professional-grade sprinkler heads and controllers are used in our installations such as Toro, Hunter and Rainbird

Water Efficiency

Systems designed to latest guidelines, including matched precipitation sprinklers for even coverage without water waste. Rain sensors are installed to shut down the system during rainy weather. Weather Stations are designed to change watering times due to temperature changes.