Our Services

Why Choose J&C Irrigation for your installation?

  • Experience:  a tradition of excellence since 1979
  • Trained Personnel: our expert installation crew will design a system specifically geared for your property’s watering needs.  Our veteran technicians have successfully installed over 5,000 underground sprinkler systems, from residential homes to athletic complexes.
  • Adherence to Local Codes:  water connections are made by a licensed plumber and include a code-approved backflow preventer
  • Name-Brand Components:  only professional-grade sprinkler heads and controllers are used in our installations
  • Water Efficiency:  systems designed to latest guidelines, including matched precipitation sprinklers for even coverage without water waste.  Rain sensors are installed to shut down the system during rainy weather. 
  • A well-designed sprinkler system reduces water usage and costs less to maintain over the life of the system.

After installation, we provide reliable seasonal service to winterize systems in the late fall and reactivate them in the spring, as well as water-saving check-ups in season to fine-tune operation.  Our service technicians are extremely knowledgeable, and are able to repair systems of any age or brand.  We have maintained systems for many clients for over 30 years.  In many cases, we are installing and maintaining systems for the children of some of our long-standing customers.

Each technician is supplied with the latest equipment, including:

  • A fully-stocked service truck to handle each and every one of your maintenance and repair tasks
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment for valve location, broken wire detection, valve actuation, and leak detection

J&C Irrigation provides several plans for different needs and budgets;

  • Standard Service Plan: includes start-up of your system and a fall winterization, plus a recommended mid-season maintenance check.  We fully inspect the system during the spring and summer visits, make any sprinkler adjustments, and program the controller for appropriate run times that maintain a healthy landscape while minimizing water use.  The winterization visit includes flushing the lines to manufacturer specifications.
  • Water Saver Service Plan:  Includes the same services as our standard service plan, plus the added benefit of an additional in-season maintenance check-up.  The Water Saver plan ensures your system is programmed for optimal water application without waste.  Plus, the additional maintenance also will prolong the life of system components and reduce the need for future repairs. 
  • Economy Service Plan:  For customers who wish to only have a spring start-up and winterization, we offer our economy service plan.