Sprinkler Systems for Residential Customers
  • Convenience:  For the homeowner, an irrigation system means forever ending the tiresome job of lawn watering, while still being able to enjoy lush lawns and beautiful gardens.  Custom-designed lawn sprinklers guarantee that your landscaping will receive regular and adequate hydration at the optimal time of the day for the best results. 
  • Conservation:  J&C Irrigation considers conservation and economy in the design and installation of your in-ground irrigation system.  We design with careful attention to eliminating water waste and over-watering.  You are assured that your lawn and garden’s watering needs have been efficiently provided for.
  • Added Value:  An in-ground irrigation system not only offers convenience and beauty, but like any permanent improvement, will add appreciably to the value of your home while enhancing the beauty of your lawn and garden. 
  Sprinkler Systems for Commercial Customers
  • Commercial properties often possess a series of features that are in need of regular watering.  Lawns, landscaped beds, trees, shrubs, and soil create a pleasing look and first appearance to visitors, and all of these features need water to thrive.  Irrigation systems are easily the most efficient tools available to meet the watering needs of various plant life while serving to keep the soil supple and healthy.  Irrigation systems also aid in water conservation when scheduled properly, and can ultimately save an organization money from expensive lawn repair, sodding, and soil needs that arise due to neglect and drought-like conditions.  Irrigation systems can also be managed and scheduled to adhere to any legal stipulations put in place due to a drought or natural disaster.
  • Commercial sites comprise a large segment of our business.  J&C Irrigation has implemented hundreds of commercial projects in the area from large office complexes to sports fields.  We understand that meeting project deadlines and timing are crucial to a successful project.  J&C Irrigation offers you seamless design build or specified work that is performed within your schedule and your project plan.  Regardless of whether work is being done for a general contractor, a community management company, or a municipality, J&C will install your system in a prompt and efficient manner.
  Sprinkler Systems for Ball fields and Parks
  • Athletic fields require special heads for the safety

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